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Companion Care at Home in Rochester

When the holidays come around, all that joy and happiness can be difficult for some seniors. Seniors that are alone can struggle with depression, anxiety, and mental health issues during the holiday season. The reminders about family and joy everywhere can make seniors sad. They may be thinking about the people they’ve lost and the holidays of the past. 

Seniors can benefit from medication and counseling if they struggle with their mental health. But companion care at home can help too. Companion care at home gives seniors the company. It particularly gives them companionship to feel less lonely and disconnected during the holidays. Some of the things that a companion can do to help seniors have a happy holiday include:


Decorating the house for the holidays will improve any senior’s enjoyment of the holiday. Some seniors may not want to decorate because they physically find it difficult to put up a holiday tree or hang ornaments and decorations. With help from a companion, who can make it fun to decorate by singing holiday songs and telling holiday stories, seniors will enjoy the process of decorating and will love having their beloved holiday decorations throughout the house. 

Making Tasty Holiday Treats

The holidays are all about food. Companions can help seniors make some of the special foods they have made every holiday for years. Likewise, companions can share those wonderful cookies, pies, candies, and holiday treats. They can even box some up for the neighbors, go caroling or plan other fun holiday activities that will get seniors in the mood to celebrate. 

Talking About Past Holidays

It can be comforting for seniors to talk about the good holidays in the past, especially the ones they shared with their kids, spouses, and other family members. If their kids live too far away to come home for the holidays, talking about those holidays from the past can help seniors relive the joy of those holidays, instead of being sad about them. Sometimes all seniors need to talk to someone who listens to them. A companion is a great listener who can help seniors process their past holiday memories. 

Connecting Seniors With Far Away Family Members 

Companions can also help seniors who are technologically challenged connect with their kids, friends, and relatives using video chat for the holidays. A family Zoom with their kids will make any senior glad during the holidays. Video technology has never been easier to use. Seniors can video chat with their kids, watch traditional holiday movies with them, or make cookies together. Keeping those family traditions alive even though their kids are far away can change the holidays from cause for sadness to cause for celebration for seniors everywhere.

Talk to your senior loved one about companion care at home, and see if they are willing to have a companion avoid those holiday blues this year. 

If you or someone you know needs Companion Care at Home in Rochester, MN, contact Adara Home Health. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve. Call us at (888) 660-5772 for more information.