Our COVID-19 Emergency Preparedness Plan is in Effect

Adara LogoI am excited to announce that we are changing the name of Prairie River Home Care, Inc. to Adara Home Health.


Why did we decide to change the name of the company? The PRHC leadership team has been searching for many years for a name that we felt really embodied our way of being when we assist people in their homes, and the way we work together. We wanted to capture the deeply personal and impactful way that our team members make a difference for both the clients we serve, and the people they work with every day.


We chose the word “Adara” for our company name because it means “with respect, regard, zeal, care” in Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages). Our goal is for our company name to be a reminder each time it is seen by our team members, regardless of what role they hold in the organization, to remember the way we commit to working together – to always respect and honor the human being in each of us – in the way we work together, and deliver care and support to our clients and their family members.


There has been no change of ownership with the company, and no other changes besides rebranding are associated with this name change.  We are very excited to launch our new company name in order to start out the New Year 2019!  If you have any questions or concerns about this change please contact our Corporate office at 763-682-0665.


Happy New Year!

Lori Seemann, CEO