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Care through kindness and respect, always.

Focusing on Relationships and Results

“Adara,” pronounced a-DAH-rah, means respect and careful attention in Sanskrit, two virtues woven into everything we do. At Adara, we choose integrity over simplicity, individualized care over generalized services, and an eagerness to learn and grow over maintaining the status quo.

We see more than patients—we see people. And we’re passionately committed to positively impacting every life we touch through compassion, personalized services, and real relationships.


Integrity shines through in our commitment to honoring agreements, policies, and procedures, ensuring the safety of our clients and strict compliance with federal and state regulations.


At Adara, our Curiosity drives us to actively listen, learn, and continuously improve our work by seeking answers and collaborating with our peers, ultimately enhancing our service to clients, their families, and colleagues.


Our Compassion shows in our humble, kind and respectful treatment of others. We truly care about others, and prioritize building and maintaining strong, empathetic relationships in our work and in our lives.


We take pride in our Helpfulness, always considering the greater good and supporting both our patients and teammates to improve lives through our actions.

“The staff here did an outstanding job taking care of my mom.”

– Janet B.