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Personal Care at Home in Fairmont

Usually, when a senior loved one has been in the hospital because of a fall or serious medical event, they want to come home as quickly as possible. There is evidence that seniors can actually recover faster after an accident or medical event at home. Being in a familiar place surrounded by the things they love will be more pleasant than being in a hospital. But if your senior loved one can’t care for themselves, there are practical concerns that are an issue. For example, if your senior loved one had a fall and now can’t safely get themselves to the bathroom or shower regularly, they will need help recovering at home. 

Personal care at home is designed to help seniors take care of personal tasks, so they can recover at home after a medical incident that required a hospital stay. The caregivers trained to provide personal care at home know how to safely work with seniors of all ages, abilities, and sizes, so they can feel confident and recover quicker at home.

Some of the ways that personal care at home can help seniors recover at home include:


Seniors usually need skilled help getting in and out of bed when they return home from the hospital. It’s important to have trained caregivers to help seniors with this, so they don’t injure themselves again or worsen their post-surgical wounds by trying to get in or out of bed without help. Having a caregiver who is trained to safely help your senior loved one will give you and your parent peace of mind. 

Getting To The Bathroom

Seniors at home may need help going to and using the bathroom safely. Personal care at home allows seniors to maintain dignity while still getting necessary help to return to an independent routine. 

Showering And Getting Dressed

Seniors will recover faster if they take showers, clean up daily, shave, and get dressed. But seniors will probably need help with hygiene tasks each day. Caregivers who are experienced with seniors know how to help with personal tasks safely and with dignity.

Your senior parent can trust their caregiver to help them feel their best and recover as quickly as possible. With a caregiver, your parent can get help with personal tasks and won’t need to rely on you. 

If you or someone you know needs Personal Care at Home in Fairmont, MN, contact Adara Home Health. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve. Call us at (888) 660-5772 for more information.