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Medication Management

Medications can be complicated. Management doesn’t have to be.

Having multiple medication prescriptions can be overwhelming. So our staff work with our clients to make sure they have the medication they need and are taking them as prescribed. Nurses coordinate medications with physicians and make sure they are all working together appropriately. We will set up medications so our patients know when and how to take what is prescribed.

Benefits of Utilizing our Medication Management Program:

  • Reduce medication errors and potential medication related hospital admissions
  • Teach patients to take an active role in medication use and self-management
  • Enhance patient understanding of appropriate medication use
  • Increase medication adherence
  • Help identify and reduce medication side effects
  • Advocate for the patient and communicate with physicians about the medications used
  • Setup and management of medication dispensers

Home Care Interventions

  • Perform medication reconciliation in the home including all prescribed and over the counter medications
  • Assess for compliance with prescribed medication regimen
  • Assess for signs of adverse drug reaction such as toxicity, allergy and/or significant side effects or drug interactions
  • Assess for signs of ineffective drug therapy
  • Instruct on actions, dosages, schedules, and potential side effects
  • Instruct on medication safety
  • Encourage and/or facilitate patient follow up with physician to help ensure prescription refill timeliness
  • Fill medication box and track the administration of medication when necessary
  • Coordinate medication home delivery if needed and where available

If you or a loved one struggle with taking medications as prescribed, you are not alone.