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Medication Management

Benefits of Utilizing our Medication Management Program:

  • Reduce medication related morbidity to mortality
  • Reduce medication errors and potential medication related hospital admissions
  • Teach patients to take an active role in medication use and self-management
  • Enhance patient understanding of appropriate drug use
  • Increase medication adherence
  • Improve adverse drug event detection


Home Care Interventions

  • Perform medication reconciliation including all prescribed and OTC medications
  • Assess for compliance with prescribed medication regimen
  • Assess for signs of adverse drug reaction such as toxicity, allergy and/or significant side effects or drug interactions
  • Assess for signs of ineffective drug therapy
  • Instruct on actions, dosages, schedules, and potential side effects
  • Instruct on medication safety
  • Encourage patient follow up with physician to help ensure prescription refill timeliness
  • Fill medication box and make a medication board when necessary
  • Coordinate medication home delivery if needed and where available
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If you or a loved one struggle with taking medications as prescribed, you are not alone.