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Companion care at home offers seniors living alone needed support and interaction.

Is your mom lonely living at home? If your mom wants to stay in the home where she raised her kids and has a lot of great memories but she’s lonely living there alone there is a solution. Companion care at home is designed to help seniors who want to live at home avoid being lonely.

With companion care at home, your mom will get regular visits from someone she can chat with, do activities with, share meals with, and enjoy spending time with. Companion care at home makes it possible for your mom to get the social interaction she needs while staying in the home she loves.

Some of the benefits of companion care at home for seniors who have trouble getting out of the house are:

Reduced Loneliness and Isolation

Regular visits from a companion give seniors the necessary social interaction so that seniors don’t feel so isolated and alone at home. This can impact their physical and mental health, making seniors more likely to be happy and healthy at home. 

Emotional Support

Companions offer emotional support, giving seniors someone to talk to and share their thoughts and feelings with, which can improve mental health. If your mom is going through a hard time or has recently lost a friend, a family member, or a spouse, having someone in the home with her can help her get through her grief.

If your mom is used to having someone in the house with her, and that person is suddenly gone, it can be deeply unnerving and disorienting for her. A companion can help your mom get used to a new normal. 

Provides Mental Stimulation

Engaging in conversations, playing card or board games, and participating in hobbies with a companion can help keep seniors’ minds active and sharp.

Offers a Sense of Security

Knowing that someone will visit regularly gives seniors a sense of security and reassurance, reducing anxiety and stress. Seniors don’t want to be forgotten, but if no one visits regularly, they can start to feel like no one cares. 

It will also give you more peace of mind to know that your mom isn’t alone and that she’s getting regular visits. If you can’t visit as often as you want to because you live far away or because your job makes it tough to see her more than once or twice a week, companion care at home can fill in the gaps. 

Better Cognitive Health

Activities and conversations with companions can support cognitive health, potentially slowing the progression of memory-related issues. If your mom has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, having companion visits at home can help keep her cognitive abilities intact for as long as possible. 

Better Quality Of Life 

A companion’s overall presence and assistance can make your mom happier and give her a better quality of life, which is just as important as physical health. Companion care at home gives your mom the social support she needs to enjoy living at home without becoming isolated or lonely. 

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