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Caregiver in Hutchinson MN: Social Media

Most people think that older persons do not use social media. But this is not the case. According to studies, more seniors are using social media than any other age group in recent years, proving that modern technology has a lot to offer older people as well. A caregiver can also help them to navigate the more difficult technology.

As your senior ages, if your family doesn’t live close to them, it can be crucial for them to turn to social media to stay in touch. But you may be wondering how healthy that can actually be. The truth is a good way to stay mentally healthy is by staying social. Of course, everything needs to be done in moderation. Social media can be added to a senior’s routine, so it is manageable and healthy.

If you are unsure what your senior’s routine is or they don’t have one, it is time to look into companion care at home for your elderly loved one. Having someone help watch over your seniors will give you a sense of peace and help them live more independently. Companion care at home can also act as companionship for many seniors, which may be as beneficial as encouraging seniors to use social media.

How Social Media Impacts Seniors

Here are some key points that demonstrate how social media is improving the lives of older citizens. If you share these findings with your seniors it may encourage them to get connected with their loved ones who are a bit further away.

It Might Help Improve Mental Health of a Senior

There is so much negativity associated with social media, but the truth is it can help a senior feel connected to their family. The more social a senior is, the more mentally healthy and happy they will be.

When a senior cannot get out during the winter, they may turn to social media to keep in touch. This is a great way for them to talk to friends and figure out how to do things themselves. Social media is now a way to watch videos and get ideas for projects they may want to do.

Social Media Can Now Help With Shopping

There are tons of social media platforms, and once a senior finds something they want to do or a project, they can usually figure out where exactly to order the parts to do it. Social media makes shopping much easier than ever before. This means seniors have access to so many more materials for projects and can get whatever they need without needing any help. This is a great way to ensure they feel independent.

It May Help Them Find a Sense of Belonging

No matter what age a person is, they will want to find somewhere they belong. On social media platforms, they may be able to find groups where they share tips on the same projects they’re doing, or they find something else in common. It’s a great way to get in touch with friends and people in the community working on the same things as them. Neighborhoods may even have social media pages that allow a senior to learn what is happening in their direct area. 

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