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Home Care Services in Blaine MN: Senior Pets

Of course, when your seniors start aging into their final stages of life, you will want to do everything you can to keep them around for longer. You might ask your parents to move in with you, hire home care assistance, or encourage them to adopt pets all to keep them healthy. Many seniors want to age in place and this can worry you. They will want to be independent far longer than you think they should be and this can be hard for you to understand. However, if you are worried that your senior parent isn’t getting enough help during the day you can start by looking for Home Care Services to help your parent out.

This will give them a companion during the day when you are unavailable and may encourage them to stick with a routine that can keep them healthy for longer. If your mom or dad is in good shape and needs the right motivation to get out of the house and move around more or just wants something to take care of, it may be time to look into getting a pet. Here are some reasons why pets may be the best for seniors who live on their own.

Improves Mental Health

Numerous older citizens experience loneliness as a natural part of the aging process, and studies indicate that chronic loneliness may severely affect health, including the risk of heart attack, stroke, depression, and premature mortality. Possession of a pet contributes directly to a happier and more sociable lifestyle.

They Help Keep Your Parent Active

Pets aid seniors in establishing habits that keep them physically and mentally engaged. Dogs need walks, food, grooming, and playtime. Walking or playing fetch on a daily basis may assist elders maintain a fitness program and provide them with a sense of purpose. Other animals, such as cats and birds, need constant playtime and engagement. These activities make the elderly feel helpful, which is essential for a high quality of life.

May Help Senior Heart Health

It is common knowledge that our furry companions can warm our hearts, but they can also protect them. Numerous studies have shown considerable associations between animal engagement and increased physical health, such as lower blood pressure and enhanced mobility.

They Allow a Senior to Feel Connected

It has been shown that pets, particularly dogs, are good catalysts for social connection, new friendships, and talks with those outside the house. Taking a pet on a walk or to the park may quickly turn into a social activity, generating conversation and fostering friendships.

If a senior does not like dogs that’s okay. There are tons of other animals to choose from that can be loving companions and allow a senior to still get exercise. Cats tend to be very independent but also loving and a senior can play with them. A kitten may be too much work but an older cat may be the best option for your senior. There are also animals like bunnies which need a lot less than both cats and dogs but can be walked outside in the yard as well. There are many choices for your seniors and it may help them feel less lonely.

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