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Caregiver in Granite Falls MN: 24-Hour Home Care

How much do you know about 24-hour home care? It’s a service that can get overlooked when you’re planning the best way to help an aging parent.

Whether your mom learned she has colorectal cancer and will be undergoing chemo and radiation after her surgery or she has dementia, this is an important service to arrange. Learn more about it by reading these FAQs.

How Does 24-Hour Home Care Work?

One of the first questions families have is how this service works. This can be an area where people misunderstand what happens. Caregivers work in shifts covering your mom’s needs. She doesn’t have a caregiver moving in and sleeping when she sleeps.

With 24-hour caregivers, the schedule depends on the agency’s arrangements, but you may have three or four rotating caregivers working eight- or six-hour shifts. When one caregiver’s shift ends, the next caregiver arrives to take over.

Your mom is never left alone. Suppose she has three caregivers working eight-hour shifts. Her first caregiver arrives at 6 a.m. Your mom is with that caregiver for breakfast and lunch, morning personal care routines, and morning medication reminders. When that caregiver’s shift ends at 2 p.m., the next caregiver arrives to help with dinner, bedtime, etc.

What Can the Caregivers Do?

Your mom’s caregiver helps in a variety of ways. Your mom may need personal care services to ensure she takes a shower or bath without struggling to complete hygienic tasks on her own. She might need help remembering when to go to the toilet or even getting on and off the toilet.

Her caregivers can cook meals, prepare snacks, and clean up the kitchen after she eats. Your mom can have a caregiver vacuum the carpets, dust, and do the laundry. Transportation services, assistance with mobility, and transfers from bed or a favorite chair are also options with home care.

Your mom may wake up in the middle of the night and feel lonely. Her caregiver is there for companionship. If your mom is undergoing treatments like chemo and radiation and doesn’t feel good, she doesn’t feel alone. Her caregiver can comfort her through these rough moments.

How Do You Make Arrangements for 24-Hour Caregiver Services?

How do you schedule 24-hour home care services? Go online or call an agency. The advisor works with you to figure out the best care plan and schedule the services your mom needs. You’ll have opportunities to ask questions, find out more about how the services work, and get prices.

Does 24-hour home care sound like a beneficial service for your aging mom? It’s best to arrange services as soon as you realize they’re necessary. If your mom has dementia, don’t wait until she’s wandered to ensure she has supervision all day and night. Call a 24-hour home care agency to schedule services now.

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