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High Blood Pressure

One of the most common chronic health conditions facing Americans is high blood pressure. Three out of four adults 60 or older have high blood pressure. If your dad is one of them, having a home care provider can help address his needs. He does, however, need to listen to his doctor.

High blood pressure increases the risk of many other health issues like heart disease and stroke. Keeping his blood pressure at or below 120/80 is ideal. How do you help him lower his blood pressure?

Omit the Salt

Keep added salt out of your dad’s meals. Learn to use fresh herbs and spices to add flavor instead of salt. Toss steamed broccoli in lemon juice, black pepper, and olive oil instead of butter, salt, and pepper. It’s bright and fresh, and he won’t miss the salt at all.

Get Up and Active

If your dad is used to sitting around a lot, it’s time for him to increase his daily activity. Instead of taking a nap after lunch, he should get up and go for a walk around the neighborhood. His home care provider can help motivate him to get moving. If he’s fearful of dogs or strangers in the area, he could walk around his yard or invest in a treadmill. 

Set Up a Treadmill Routine

A treadmill is a good idea as it’s something he can walk on while watching a movie or show. He’s getting a workout while doing something he already enjoys. Make it a routine that he can watch one episode of his favorite crime or drama while walking on the treadmill at a brisk pace.

Start a Garden

Your dad needs to eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. A good rule of thumb is five cups daily. If he starts gardening, he won’t have to spend extra money. 

Look into raised bed gardening plans. It helps with weed control, and it keeps him from having to bend over as far, which could increase the fall risk. With a bit of lumber or concrete blocks. A raised garden is easy to build.

Another way to start a raised bed is by building what’s known as a lasagna garden. Start with a layer of cardboard or newspaper on the ground and cover that with grass clippings, pine needles, and manure.

Add a layer of garden soil and compost, and then another layer of cardboard, grass clippings, etc. You want to get the layers to be about a foot high. As the layers decompose and become compact, add new layers. Have your dad plant his seedlings into the layers to help the roots break down materials.

Arrange Home Care Services

If your dad struggles with common daily activities like exercise or meal preparation, hire home care services. A caregiver can talk to him about what he wants to eat each week, create a menu, take him shopping for the groceries he needs, and cook meals for him. 

With home care services, your dad won’t forget to take his pills. He has company on his daily walks. Best of all, he’s eating home-cooked meals and avoids takeout and frozen dinners. Learn more about the prices and services by talking to a specialist in home care.

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