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Colon Canter Surgery Recovery: Skilled Nursing Care Buffalo MN

Dress in Blue Day is designed to raise awareness of colorectal cancer. In the U.S., there are an estimated 106,000 new cases of colon cancer each year and another 46,000 rectal cancer cases. 

Your dad has been diagnosed with colon cancer and is about to go through surgery as the first part of his treatment. What does this mean for him? What care needs will he have following the surgery?

Treatment Options Depend on the Stage

In the earliest stages of colon cancer, your dad’s oncologist will recommend surgical removal of the cancerous mass. Advanced stages may also require chemotherapy and radiation. Once you know his treatment options, you can start considering the care he’ll need at home when it comes to skilled nurses and caregivers.

If he’s undergoing surgery, the sooner he gets home, the better it is for his recovery. A sterile, unfamiliar hospital environment can make it hard to get enough sleep, and your dad needs sleep. Arrange skilled nurses to care for him during his recovery.

He may have pain medications administered through an IV for a day or two. His nurse can set up the IV line and administer those medications. His nurse can check his incisions, clean and rebandage them, and make sure they’re healing correctly.

If he needs a catheter, his nurse can help with that. When it’s time to remove it, his nurse can do that, too. He’ll have a nurse available to check his temperature, blood pressure, and pulse and report them to his doctors.

He can come home, sleep in his own bed, and recover from his surgery in comfort. That is key to proper healing. The smells he’s used to and the bed he’s comfortable in are important. He has skilled nurses to monitor his recovery, tell his doctors, and administer medications as needed.

What If He Needs Chemo or Radiation?

Could your dad have chemotherapy and radiation at home? It’s not a common practice, but some cancer specialists are starting to understand the benefits. The American Cancer Society offers insight into what cancer treatments are suitable for skilled nurses to administer and manage.

Having these treatments in the most comfortable setting – your dad’s home – can help him avoid excessive stress and anxiety. Ask if the hospital or cancer center is willing to consider working with skilled nursing care services for cancer treatments.

Have Skilled Nursing Care Arranged Before He Comes Home

When your dad comes home, it’s important to have skilled nursing care arranged to ensure there’s no gap in care. Talk to a home health care agency to discuss your dad’s surgery, medical needs while he recovers, and care plan moving forward. You’ll book skilled nursing care services after learning more about the schedule and prices.

If you or someone you know needs Skilled Nursing Care in Buffalo, MN, contact Adara Home Health. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve. Call us at (888) 660-5772 for more information.