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Occupational Therapy Fairmount MN

All the available data shows that seniors overwhelmingly are choosing to stay in their homes as they get older. With modern technology and improved services for seniors throughout the country, they can stay in place very comfortably as they get older.

Even seniors who have medical conditions can manage quite nicely at home with just a little bit of support from family members and services such as occupational therapy and like senior care. If your senior parent is determined to stay in their own home as they get older, these four things can make living at home safer and more convenient for them:

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is therapy designed to help seniors maintain their muscle strength and their ability to perform everyday actions that require grip strength, hand and eye coordination, and other basic skills. Occupational therapy makes sure that seniors can do tasks like brush their teeth, button a shirt, grip a cup, open drawers, hold a broom, and other basic movements that are necessary for them to be able to take care of themselves.

Seniors who want to stay in their homes as they get older should start occupational therapy as soon as possible. The sooner seniors start occupational therapy at home, the longer they will be able to perform the tasks they need to be able to perform to take care of themselves. 

Home Care

Home care is the support that most seniors need to continue living at home safely. A home care provider will help seniors with things like basic housework, cooking meals, running errands, going to appointments, and more. Home care is designed to help seniors with household tasks that are necessary to maintain a house. But home care also includes things like medication management so that seniors have that extra support they need to stay healthy as they get older. 

Video Doorbell 

A video doorbell is a must for seniors. With a video doorbell seniors don’t have to get up to see who is at the door, and they can talk to the person at the door from anywhere in the house. Seniors can also use the video doorbell to keep an eye on their home or their car in the driveway.

For home safety and security a video doorbell is necessary for seniors. They are easy to install just about anywhere. They don’t even need to be wired into the home’s electrical system. Seniors should also consider adding some motion activated security lights to their video doorbell’s network to improve their home’s security. 

Grocery Delivery 

Grocery delivery makes healthy food accessible for all seniors. And it allows seniors to purchase items they wouldn’t otherwise be able to get because they can’t physically lift or move them like large bags of pet food or large containers of laundry soap. With grocery delivery seniors will get everything they need brought right to their door so they always have plenty of healthy food available to them. 

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