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Home Care in Fairmont MN: Flu Prevention

Home Care: The flu can be deadly for seniors.

As flu season starts again it’s time for seniors to start taking precautions to avoid getting the flu. According to the CDC between 70-82% of flu-related deaths in the last few years have been among seniors who were over the age of 65. Seniors are strongly encouraged to get a flu vaccine, but getting a vaccine isn’t the only thing that seniors and their home care providers should be doing to protect themselves from the flu. Seniors should also be…

Wearing A Mask

Wearing a disposable mask over the mouth and nose is now a standard practice. Wearing a mask can help seniors protect themselves from getting the flu as well as from catching other viruses. Seniors should continue to wear masks whenever they are going to be out in public and around people. That means seniors should be wearing masks when they are shopping, when they go to the doctor, or when they are visiting friends and family members. Stock up on masks and make sure that your senior loved one has plenty of masks in their pockets so there is always a mask nearby if they need one.

Not Going Out If Possible

When the weather is cold and it’s cold and flu season seniors should avoid going out if possible. Home care providers can help seniors manage grocery deliveries and run errands so that they can limit contact with other people. Home care providers can also help seniors with video calls and other activities to ensure that they are still getting the social contact they need while also keeping themselves safe. If seniors do need to go out they should wear a mask along with gloves and a scarf and they should limit their time out in public whenever possible.

Washing Their Hands

One of the best ways for everyone, including seniors and home care providers, to stay healthy and flu-free is to wash their hands often with soap. Seniors may forget to wash their hands throughout the day so if your senior loved one has a home care provider that home care provider can remind them to watch their hands at regular intervals or if they go out. Using hand sanitizer is a good backup to hand washing if water isn’t available but handwashing with soap is best. Just remind your senior loved ones to put lotion on their hands after washing their hands because seniors can have a problem with dry skin, especially during the winter.

Home Care: Boosting Their Immune Systems

The best way to fight the flu is to have a strong immune system that will protect your senior loved one from all illnesses. Seniors can boost their immune systems by making sure that they get enough sleep at night. They also can give their immune system a healthy boost by eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruit and green leafy vegetables are packed with the vitamins and minerals that will help seniors stay healthy and keep their immune systems working the way they should.

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