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Elderly Care in Rochester MN: Allergies

Elderly Care: Fall allergies are not a lot of fun for anyone to deal with, but they might be especially problematic for your aging family member.

If she’s dealing with other health issues, fall allergies can make your senior feel truly miserable. Here’s what you and your elderly care provider need to know if your senior is experiencing fall allergy symptoms.

Double Check with Her Doctor

Whether your elderly family member has battled fall allergies for a long time or this is a new problem for her, it’s important to know for sure what she’s dealing with. Signs of fall allergies can include a stuffy nose, runny nose, and a sore throat. Your senior might also feel achy, have a skin rash, or develop a cough. Verify with your senior’s doctor whether she’s ill or dealing with allergies so that you know how to proceed.

Keep Allergens Under Control as Much as Possible

Your senior might be allergic to different things during the fall. Common allergens include mold and ragweed in the fall, along with dust mite allergies. Sometimes people experience worse dust mite allergies in the fall because the house is more closed up and dust mites are sticking around more. Knowing what your elderly family member is allergic to helps you to put a plan in place for solving the problem.

Consider Dietary Changes

When your elderly family member is already battling allergies, some of the foods she is eating could make them worse. Foods like milk can increase mucus production when she’s already not feeling well. Anti-inflammatory foods like berries and dark leafy greens can help to reduce inflammation all over her body, which can help her to fight off allergens. Your senior’s doctor may have other suggestions about what might help.

Elderly Care: Keep Her Home, Clothes, and Linens Clean

Allergens can build up in your senior’s linens, clothing, and around her home. If she’s having trouble keeping up with some of those household tasks, then she might be getting exposed to more allergens than usual. Home care assistance with daily household tasks can be a huge help. Caregivers can ensure that your senior is able to rest and recover while still getting things like dust under control to remove potential allergen sources.

There are so many other ways that home care assistance can help your elderly family member, too. If your senior is open to the idea of having elderly care help, then it makes sense to explore the options.

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