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Elder Care in Buffalo MN: Senior Stories

Elder Care: November is National Family Stories month and it’s a wonderful time to sort through your own family history.

If you have never talked to your senior parents or senior loved ones about the family history or the stories they can tell about the past now is the time to do it. When you are stuck inside throughout the winter you can start recording all of their family stories so that you will have them to pass on to your own children and grandchildren. An elder care provider can also work with your senior loved ones to record their stories.

Keeping the family history going is incredibly important because:

Gives A Sense Of Place And Identity

You have probably grown up listening to your parents tell the stories of their childhood, and of family members who have long since passed away. Those stories gave you a sense of identity as a child and helped you orient yourself in the world. They will do the same to your kids, and your grandkids, and your other young relatives. Hearing the family history and learning where they come from will help your kids and grandkids develop a sense of identity as part of a family with a shared history. It’s very important for kids to have that and to grow up knowing they are part of a family unit.

Gives A Snapshot Of The Past

Your senior loved ones have lived through some huge historical moments and their recollections can provide poignant and relatable reactions to the big changes this country has gone through. There’s no substitute for learning about huge cultural events or learning the impact of cultural attitudes from people who lived through big historical events. Your senior loved ones probably have memories of both World Wars and other events that have defined this country and you can capture their first-hand perspective by recording their stories for their future generations.

Preserves The Family History

It’s also important to preserve the family history, both good and bad. An elder care provider can ask your senior parent questions and get them to talk about all the members of your family who have built the family history and the family legacy over the course of several generations. As you get older you can add to the family history so that it becomes almost a living record of the history of your family.

Gives Seniors A Sense Of Purpose

Seniors need to have a sense of purpose in order to give their lives meaning. Making it a project to record the family stories can give your senior loved one something to do that that will really enjoy and something that will be beneficial for them. They will get to safely relive the past while recording it all for their future generations. You or your elder care provider can help them combine audio with digitized family photos to create a comprehensive family history that can be passed on to their future generations.

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