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Senior Care in Hutchinson MN: Sleep

Senior Care: Having a healthy sleeping routine is essential for everyone, including seniors.

When a senior isn’t sleeping enough, has poor sleeping habits, or feels unrested, it can affect their daily lives. When a senior goes through this, they may have trouble concentrating, doing simple tasks, slower thinking, and mood changes. This is why healthy sleeping habits are crucial for everyone. Senior care can help a senior stick to healthy lifestyle habits, including sleep.

Sleeping helps our brains and bodies process the day we’ve had. It keeps our minds functional, and our bodies recover from any exertion. Poor sleeping habits can increase the risk of other poor health habits, which can be dire for seniors. Sleeping plays an essential role and may help remove toxins from your brain. Your brain is incredibly active while you sleep, and it is important to have that brain activity every night.

A senior will experience a change in their sleeping pattern as they get older. They may start going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. However, if they start having sleeping problems or do not develop a healthy sleeping habit, it can affect them poorly. Sometimes seniors have a hard time sleeping, or they feel excessive fatigue and turn to sleep aids. Unfortunately, even some natural sleeping aids come with risks. There are other alternative methods to get a restful night of sleep. In-home care can help seniors focus on holistic approaches to restful sleeping.

Senior Care Can Help Create a Sleep Schedule

When a senior gets used to a routine their body will prepare and expect sleep. Encouraging a senior to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day can help a senior stay sane and healthy. When a senior goes to bed at the same time their body is expecting it and they may even fall asleep faster.

Create a Nice Environment

Having a safe and comfortable environment can help create a relaxing mood for a senior to sleep in. Sometimes a senior can’t do this on their own but in-home care can help change the space. They can make it easier for a senior to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night, help clean the bedsheets, and even make the bed every day.

Avoid Stimulants

If a senior has a medication with stimulants in it should be taken in the morning instead of the evening. The stimulant can keep a senior up and make them feel restless. Coffee or tea with caffeine should also be avoided right before bed.

Move Your Body More

Seniors may not be able to jog or run like they used to but they can remain active. The more active a person is, the better they will sleep at night. Senior care can encourage a senior to go on walks or even go to senior classes at the gym. This is a better alternative to sleeping drugs and much more natural.

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