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Senior Care in Mankato MN: Senior Care For Able-Bodied Adults

Stop and think about senior care. What comes to mind? If you’re like many people, you think of senior care as something that’s needed when their parents become too weak to move around independently. It’s something people associate with illness.

While senior care does help those with severe mobility issues and illnesses, there’s more to it. Senior care helps seniors who want to age at home do so with confidence. These are all the ways senior care helps older adults at home.


Bob was completely mobile. He could cook his own meals and do his housework. The problem he had was that he didn’t have friends in the area. His children lived hours away. He didn’t know his neighbors, and the drive to senior center was too much for him to make.

Due to his isolation, he started getting companionship services from caregivers. Once a week, a caregiver would stop by to play games, chat about Bob’s weekly accomplishments, and see if he could use help with anything around the house.


While Laura could use a microwave, she’d never mastered more than reheating. She had a spotless home and yard, but meal preparation was a challenge. She burned everything she attempted. As a result, she bought frozen dinners and relied on those all week.

When her doctor told her she needed to change her diet, her family looked into senior care services. Each day, a caregiver would stop by and prepare a late lunch for her. She was eating better and had someone who could also help her with grocery shopping and menu planning.


Pat lived alone and had no problem walking from one room to the next. After arthritis started making it hard for Pat to go up and down the stairs, her family realized laundry would be an issue. She couldn’t safely walk down the stairs to the basement without someone holding her.

Her kids did their best to stop by twice a week, but it was hard with their work schedules. A caregiver was a better solution. They arranged to have laundry done once a week. The caregiver stopped by each Friday, washed and dried clothes and linens, folded them, and put them away when Pat asked.

Senior care can also help with transportation, medication reminders, appointments, housekeeping, and organization. Call a representative to learn about all of these and other services that help your parents age at home.

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