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Why Do Aging Women Develop Hair Loss?

Senior Care in Mankato MN: Elderly Women and Hair Loss

Senior Care in Mankato MN: While hair loss and hair thinning is a natural part of aging, it can still be a big concern for elderly women. Men and women both notice a deterioration in hair quality and quantity as they get older, but it is often more noticeable in women due to their longer hair styles.

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What You Should Know About Testicular Cancer Awareness Month


Senior Care in Mankato MN: April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. As a family caregiver, this is the ideal opportunity for you to learn more about this disease so that you can give them the care, support, and assistance that they need to handle this disease effectively if it becomes a part of their journey.

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March is Quinoa Month

Senior Care in Mankato MN For each month, the Whole Grains Council designates a specific grain to feature that month by spreading awareness about it, its nutritional value, and how Americans can get it into their healthy diet.  March is Quinoa Month, a whole month dedicated to this “super grain” that has many health benefits…

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Great Fall Exercises for Seniors


Senior Care in Mankato MN For most people, maintaining a high level of fitness is a top concern. As a person begins to age, they will start to put a renewed emphasis on how they eat and exercise. Finding the right exercise for the senior stages of life will allow them to keep their body in…

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Do You Have a Plan in Place in Case of an Emergency?

Senior Care Mankato MN

Preparing for an Emergency while providing Senior Care near Mankato, MN Do you know what to do during an emergency? If you were to ask this question of 100 people, 70 or 80 of them might say they do, but in reality it’s more like less than 20 who would actually take the right steps.…

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Three Ways to Prepare for Senior Care in Mankato, MN

Home Care in St. Cloud, MN

You have come to accept that your mother requires senior health care services and now that you’ve hired the right provider, you want to be sure that you are fully prepared for senior care provider. Below are three things that you can, and should, do in order to be fully prepared for the process. This…

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