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Elderly Care in Rochester MN: Ways to Spoil Your Mom

For one reason or another, your mom can’t leave the house. She may be ill. She may need a walker or wheelchair that makes it hard to go out to the movies, stores, or restaurants. When she can’t get out, you can still pamper her. These are the best ways to do that.

Arrange a Paint and Sip

In bars, restaurants, and art galleries around the nation, paint and sips have become a favorite way to spend a few hours together. You have a glass of wine, pint of beer, or other beverage and follow the artist’s instructions.

To set up your own paint and sip at home, invite your mom’s friends, and purchase some canvases, paints, and brushes. Get some beverages you know everyone will enjoy.

Head to YouTube and find an instructional video that offers step-by-step instructions for the painting you like. Bob Ross videos are plentiful and can be fun to attempt. His instructions are easy as long as you hit pause now and then.

Cook a Lavish Meal

What foods do you know your mom loves? Gather close family members and cook a meal that includes her favorite appetizers, entree, and dessert.

As an example of a meal you could prepare, you know your mom loves Greek food. Someone can put together a Greek salad and spanakopita to start. Round out the meal with pastitsio and baklava. If she enjoys Italian, switch it to a tossed salad, lasagna, bruschetta, and spumoni.

After dinner, your mom sits and chats while others clean the kitchen. Make sure the focus of the meal is on socialization and great food. You could pull out some games if she’s getting restless.

Bring in a Hair Stylist

Some hairdressers make house calls. Find one in your area and have her come to your mom’s home. Your mom can have her hair cut and styled. She’ll feel better if she has neat, styled hair. If you’re lucky, you will also find a stylist who does manicures and pedicures to round out the salon experience.

Plan a Movie Day

Your mom can’t go to the movie theater, but you can bring it to her home. Rent movies you know she’ll love and get her favorite movie snacks. You can even get large cups and fill them with ice and her favorite beverage.

Make sure everything is handy before you hit play. She’ll have popcorn, drinks, and candies within reach. Best of all, she can pause the movie if a bathroom break is needed. You can’t do that at a theater!

Hire Home Care Aides

How much support does your mom need when you’re not with her? Home care can help her with daily tasks, medication reminders, companionship, and ambulation. Talk to a representative about your mom’s abilities and the areas where she has a harder time. From there, you’ll learn more about home care services and the cost.

If you or someone you know needs hiring Elderly Care in Rochester, MN, contact Adara Home Health Care. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve.
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