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Companion Care at Home: Relaxing Environments in Mankato, MN

Aging in place has many pros and cons, and so does joining a retirement home. Often, a retirement home will have rooms ready for seniors, who already feel clean, decluttered, and relaxed. It can be harder to experience that ease while aging in place, but it’s not impossible. With the help of companion care at home and dedicated family members, a senior can experience ease and relaxation while aging in place. Here are some ways you or companion care at home can help your loved one create a relaxing environment.

Declutter the House

You still have to care for the whole home when you age in place, not just one bedroom. It is not only dangerous to keep clutter, but it can feel stressful. A senior should be in a space that is decluttered but also clean. Companion care at home may pick up small things, but an adult child may need to help their elderly parents go through their homes to get rid of junk and help them find new homes for old pieces of furniture. Hiring a home cleaner may also help a senior’s environment. It’s something to consider if your loved one struggles to clean the bathrooms or mop the kitchen. Having a clean space is one of the best ways to set the tone for the home.

Think About How Rooms Are Used

If your loved one uses the living room for the fireplace or certain vents that emit heat, they should be close to the sources of heat. Having couches away from these areas may make a room feel less relaxing and less used. Think about why a senior likes to be in specific rooms and arrange the rooms to be practical, useful, and functional. This will help your senior relax in unexpected ways, and it’s something you can change that won’t cost a ton of money.

Add in Natural Light

Lighting will play a crucial role as a senior gets older, and you may need to add in more lights as their eyesight diminishes. However, don’t overlook the role of natural lighting. Opening up blinds can help seniors save on their electric bill, but also, if they have a nice view of nature or even their backyard, this can create a zen experience for them while giving them a source of light that is not as harsh as artificial lights.

Add in Colors

Someone may already have a color palette for their home, but it’s never too late to update an old look. Color therapy plays a role in how we feel when we go home. Think about the flow of each room and choose colors that help with relaxation. Often, people love using green and blues to promote a sense of ease in a room. Your loved one may not want to change everything about their house, but you can experiment with them to see if you notice a change in their moods.

Add in Plants

Houseplants and flowers can have a huge impact on a senior’s mood. Being out in nature is one of the best ways to boost happy chemicals in your body naturally, but it is also super cold out right now. Instead of going out in the bitter winds, buy some fresh flowers once a month to add to a room or buy houseplants for your loved one to care for!

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