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In-Home Care: Soup Recipes in Hutchinson, MN

Seniors need to focus on health, which also means their diet. When you hear the term diet, you may think of a fad diet or an extreme weight loss diet that is restrictive to food. However, this is not what a senior should be doing. Instead, your thoughts and the way you view “dieting” should change. Seniors should be eating a healthy amount of calories, which their doctors can help them determine, and they should be focused on eating a well-rounded diet. However, when it gets super cold out, it can feel like a pain to try to figure out what to cook, and it may feel like a challenge. In-home care can help prepare meals throughout the week, but an easy go-to for your senior to make on their own is soup in the crockpot. 

Better yet, in-home care can prepare soup in a crockpot and make enough for the entire week. This means your loved one doesn’t have to figure out what to eat for every lunch or dinner because all they need to do is grab it from the fridge and heat it. Here are reasons why soup is best for seniors and some easy recipes to follow.

Soup Is Easy to Eat

Sometimes, a senior who lives on their own does not like eating. This may seem strange, but they may not like eating because things become harder as they age. They may experience more dental problems, have trouble swallowing, or be unable to prepare food as much as they used to. Soup does not have to be a complex meal, making it a great choice for your loved one to prepare. 

Soup Is Easy to Prepare

Complex meals often have multiple steps, or you have to use multiple kitchen devices at once. This can be a challenge as you get older, and it may take the desire out of cooking. In-home care can help create more complex meals, but if your loved one wants to cook on their own, chopping up ingredients for a soup may make them feel successful in meal prep, and it may encourage them to eat their own creation.

Finding easier things to prepare as you get older that are still healthy will be one of the best things to focus on.

Soup Can Come in Many Varieties

The best thing about soup is there are so many ways to make any kind of soup. The truth is you can use whatever is in the fridge and pantry with broth and let it cook in a crockpot. There is no limit to what you can turn into soup. It’s time to have fun and experiment with different ingredients.

Easy Soup Recipes

Here are some of the easiest recipes your loved one can do on their own or with the help of in-home care.

Chicken Tortilla Soup: has a handful of ingredients but is packed with flavor. You get protein and nutrients from vegetables and a good crunch from the tortillas you add on the top. You can make this soup as spicy as you want by adding extra jalapenos or hot sauce in!

Potato Soup: Potatoes are a starch that should be eaten in moderation, but this soup is filled with other vegetables that make it healthy! Add chicken for protein and herbs for comfort, and you will fall in love with this dish.

Hamburger Soup: Hamburgers are so comforting, but making one into a soup? Delicious. You will never be able to eat soup the same with this amazing recipe!

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