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Homecare in Rochester MN: Tech Devices

Homecare: Are you wondering how you can best keep your elderly loved one safe?

If so, it may be helpful to know there are certain tech devices that can help senior citizens to stay safer. These tech devices may be something that you and your homecare provider can use with your elderly loved one on a daily basis. Once you learn about these options, you can decide what one to get for your loved one.

GPS Locators

Are you worried that your elderly loved one will get out of their home or leave your line of sight and get lost? If so, you may want to consider having a GPS locator in their coat, shoes, or another piece of clothing. If your elderly loved one takes their cellphone everywhere, you could also put an app on their phone that allows you to see everywhere they go. If you are going that route, it may also be beneficial to get them a portable battery charger to ensure their cellphone doesn’t die while they are out of their home.

Other Sensor Options

There are also so many other sensor options that can help to keep your elderly loved one safe. The more time that goes on, the more devices that are being created, especially in the interest of senior citizen safety. Some of these options include:

  • Door and window sensors that can be set on an alarm if they are opened during certain hours
  • Strings attached to an alarm (usually used in bathrooms when someone needs help)
  • Necklace sensor (usually used for when an elderly person falls and needs help getting up)

These are only some devices that can alert you or someone else if your elderly loved one needs help. There are also sensors and devices that can track heart rate and other health concerns you may have for your elderly loved one.

Robotic Assistance

Do you worry that your elderly loved one will get hurt while they are vacuuming or cleaning? If so, you may want to consider getting them a robotic vacuum. The Roombas are an excellent option. The vacuum can be set to turn on during specific times through the app. This can reduce the amount of vacuuming that your elderly loved one has to do. If more vacuuming is needed, you can hire in-home care providers to help with it.

Homecare: Conclusion

These are some of the tech devices that could help to improve the safety of your elderly loved one. Now that you have some options, you can decide what all your elderly loved ones might need to stay safe in their home and while out in public.

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