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Elderly Care in Mankato MN: Morning Routines

Elderly Care: Morning routines are a fantastic way to start the

They can help structure the day and get the day going on a positive note. For seniors, morning routines are very important because they provide some routine and stability that many seniors need. When seniors retire or stop working they often struggle to figure out what to do with themselves all day, an elderly care provider can help. A strong morning routine will help seniors stay healthy physically and mentally. Every senior is different, so every senior’s morning routine is going to be unique.

But as a general rule of thumb all morning routines for seniors should have these elements:


Some type of writing or journaling is a healthy way to get the brain going in the morning. Seniors can help their cognitive skills stay strong by journaling for just 15 minutes every morning. Seniors can boost their creativity and lower their anxiety by writing three pages of stream of consciousness writing every morning when they wake up. Expressing fears and doubts in a safe space like a journal will help seniors process what they are feeling and not hang onto negative thoughts. Companion care at home providers can help seniors remember to journal when they wake up.


Meditation or prayer is another important element of a morning routine. It doesn’t matter what seniors call this activity. All that really matters is that they are taking some time to think about the day ahead. By taking some time to center themselves and clarify their thoughts and feelings seniors are getting their minds ready to take on the tasks that lie ahead of them. Taking a few minutes to focus on the spiritual is also a good way for seniors to cultivate an attitude of gratitude which can help increase positivity and happiness.


Every morning routine should include some type of exercise. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown workout but there should at least be some stretching or easy exercise to help your senior loved one work out any stiffness in their muscles and get ready for a day of movement. Simple yoga poses are a fantastic morning exercise for seniors. So is walking. A great morning exercise routine for seniors would be 20-30 minutes of yoga stretching then a 30-minute walk. But if your senior loved one isn’t a morning person some simple yoga stretches will get the job done. Companion care at home providers that work with seniors can provide the motivation to keep seniors trying to reach their goals.

Healthy Breakfast

Too many seniors struggle with malnutrition. Seniors should be eating a healthy breakfast every day. Senior home care providers can make sure that seniors have a good breakfast by leaving out a crockpot of oats to cook overnight that will be hot and ready whenever your senior loved one wakes up and wants to eat. But even if it’s just a protein bar or shake seniors should be eating something every right.

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