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One reason seniors often get drawn into a scam is that they grew up in an era where answering the phone or door was expected. It can also be a case of them feeling lonely and wanting to talk to someone. Scammers know this.


Homecare in Marshall MN: Scams Targeting Seniors
Homecare in Marshall MN: Scams Targeting Seniors


Advance Fee Scams

Advance fee scams have scammers seeking banking information or prepaid cards to cover the taxes or transfer fees. The scam often works like this. The scammer calls and says you’ve inherited money from a long-lost relative or friend. To get that money, you must pay a fee before it can be transferred. You may be asked to provide your bank account information in order for the money to be transferred.



Cyberextortion scams often take place on a computer. You’ll get a message that something important on your computer has been taken. It may be that the scammer took over your entire computer. If you want them to return access, you must pay the amount they demand.

Ransomware is an example of cyberextortion. A Florida broadband company was hit by ransomware and paid $6,000 to get their systems back. This scam can affect companies and individuals.


Lottery/Prize Scams

A call, letter, or email is the common way for a lottery or prize scam to work. Your parent learns he or she has won a prize. Before it can be sent, the taxes on that prize need to be paid. This common scam tricks many seniors who could really use the extra cash.


Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are scams where the scammer tries to get additional information that they can use. A common scam is the IRS scam where the scammer poses as an IRS agent. They call and ask the person for their Social Security number. With that number, the scammer can open accounts, create fake IDs, and request Social Security disability payments using the victim’s SSN.


Social Engineering Scams

The final type of scam your parent should know about are social engineering scams. They tend to target lonely seniors who are seeking companionship online.

After forming the online relationship, the scammer will come up with a hardship story and ask to borrow money or something like that. The victim sends that money and never hears from the scammer again.

Make sure your parents are never feeling lonely. Senior care services include more than meals and cleaning. Caregivers offer friendship, too. Hire a senior care aide to help out around the home and be a companion to your parent. Call now.


If you or someone you know needs Homecare in Marshall, MN, contact Adara Home Health Care. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve. Call us at (888) 660-5772 for more information.