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Your parents’ home is loved and filled with things that remind them of their lives together. From photos on the wall to furnishings throughout the home, your mom and dad have a lot of possessions. These items mean something to your parents. They can also be detrimental in the long run.


 Home Care Services in Rochester MN: Declutter Senior's Home

Home Care Services in Rochester MN: Declutter Senior’s Home


If the time comes that your parents need to sell the family home, a cluttered home can be hard to sell. If they’ve passed away and you’re the one selling their home, you suddenly have to partner the grieving process with a lot of work cleaning and decluttering before selling.


Unexpected Issues May Get Discovered

Decluttering involves a lot of time and effort. As one family learned, it’s also best done in stages because new problems may appear. After their dad fell on the stairs, this family knew that better organization for shoes and coats was needed. The entry was small, so it was a habit to set shoes on the stairs against the wall.

In one day’s time, they’d cleaned and created better storage in the entryway, but there were other areas that needed attention. The den was packed with old books and magazines. As they started moving them, they found mildew growing on the wall and carpet. That led to the discovery of a leak in the roof. That clutter hid problems that should have been fixed long ago.


Buyers Want to See the Rooms Not the Items

It’s natural to not think too far into the future, but it’s also important that you do. Buyers are in a home to look at the rooms and layout, not the items within it. As one realtor puts it, every buyer walks into a home looking for the reasons a house is too expensive for them. They’re looking for reasons to knock the price down or why they could never buy that home.


Now Think of Your Parents’ Safety

The other big reason to declutter sooner rather than later is your parents’ safety. As they age, balance and vision will change. If they have a room that’s crowded with furniture, they’re more likely to walk into something or trip over something. If that led to a fall, it could be detrimental to their health.

Once a house is clean and organized, it’s important for it to stay that way. Your parents need to keep a daily or weekly to-do list that makes sure things remain cleaned and organized. If they can’t do everything on the list, hire caregivers to help out. Caregivers can clean, organize, and do laundry. Caregivers are also great for companionship that your parents likely need as they age at home. Call now.


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