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It’s estimated that 5.8 million men and women have Alzheimer’s disease. While the disease is common in older men and women, there are cases of people younger than 50 being diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. The disease affects families emotionally, physically, and financially.


Home Health Care in Rochester MN: Alzheimer's Symptoms
Home Health Care in Rochester MN: Alzheimer’s Symptoms


The earlier you get your dad set up with a memory care doctor and support services, the easier it is to manage the symptoms as they progress. These are some of the most common indicators that Alzheimer’s may be a factor.


Common Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease

Some forgetfulness is normal as you age. When it affects your daily life, it’s not as normal. If your dad is having a hard time remembering if he took his medications or not, it could be a problem. If he forgot he had a dentist appointment and only remembered after the dentist called, that’s a problem. If he failed to pay his electricity bill and is ignoring late payment notices, he may be having problems with short-term memory that aren’t as normal.

Your dad calls you hours after you already talked to him. He refuses to believe that he’s already called that day. That’s another indicator that something is off. He may become especially agitated if you point out he’s already called today.

If you find your dad asking the same questions over and over, it’s a warning sign. He may ask you what day it is multiple times per day. It might not be a question. He might read a news story that he’s already told you and doesn’t seem to realize he’s told you that already.

Your dad has been making his famous meatloaf for decades. One day, he goes to make it and he can’t remember all of the ingredients. He might forget what temperature he cooks it at or for how long. That’s another early warning sign.


What Can You Do About It?

Talk to your dad’s doctor. You may find the doctor dismisses it as old age. Don’t agree. Ask to see a specialist. You may have to get pushy, but it’s very important as there are medications that can slow the progression of symptoms.

Caregivers become an essential component of Alzheimer’s care. You can help your dad with some of the assistance he needs, but it can be tiring providing all of his care. He may become combatant and irritated with you. This is where you’ll need to rely on caregivers to help you out or to provide respite care while you take a break. Talk about respite care services from caregivers as early as possible to avoid an emotional breakdown.


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