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Most families turn to home care when their parents are no longer safe spending the day alone. You don’t have to wait until caregivers are an urgent necessity. Home care helps families ensure there is someone checking in on very cold or hot days. This service helps keep a home clean and organized. It also helps with companionship, meals, transportation, and more.


Home Care in St. Cloud MN: Caregiver Questions
Home Care in St. Cloud MN: Caregiver Questions



If you’re considering home care services for your parent, don’t push off the decision. Avoid rushing to find home care services. Call as far in advance as possible and ask these four questions.


#1 – Can We Interview the Potential Caregivers?

Find out if it’s allowed that you get to interview the caregivers that the agency is considering as good matches for your parent. It may not be policy, but it can help ease nerves if your mom and dad get to talk to the caregivers prior to starting date for services.


#2 – What Happens if the Caregiver is Sick or Doesn’t Show Up?

Most home care agencies have back-up caregivers who are ready to fill in for a caregiver who is ill or can’t make it to work. That said, it may take time for the substitute caregiver to arrive. If you find the caregiver doesn’t show up on time, call the agency to see what’s going on.

Someone may need to sit with your parents until the substitute caregiver arrives. Have an emergency plan in place that ensures there is a family friend or relative who is available each day of the week and can step in to help.

If you have to take off work to cover the lack of caregiver or a caregiver shows up late regularly, talk to the agency. You shouldn’t have to pay for the time where you’re covering for a late caregiver or one who doesn’t show up at all.


#3 – What Happens if My Parent Doesn’t Like the Assigned Caregiver?

Sometimes, seniors don’t like to give up any control. If that happens, sit down privately with the caregiver for his/her input and then talk to your parents. It could be your parents are being particularly stubborn at allowing someone else to help.

If that’s the case, they need to understand that the services are there to help them remain independent at home. Consider being in your parents’ home for the first week to help with the adjustment.

If the problem involves personalities that don’t mesh, don’t get frustrated. It happens. Think back to school and how you didn’t get along with some people. Call the agency and see if someone else can be sent out.


#4 – What Services Will Help My Mom and Dad?

Call to talk to a home care agency to find out what services are available. They will offer an assessment to see what your parents can do independently and where they need help.


If you or someone you know needs Home Care in St. Cloud, MN, contact Adara Home Health Care. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve. Call us at (888) 660-5772 for more information.