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Home Health Care in Buffalo

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection of the lower layers of skin that affects around 14 million people each year. It can occur anywhere, but it’s often found in the feet and lower legs. When it happens, it’s essential to take care of the infection to prevent severe infection.

Consequently, the infection can spread if your mom doesn’t seek treatment for cellulitis. Furthermore, in some cases, it leads to gangrene, which requires amputation. More likely, the infection spreads to the bloodstream and can lead to septic shock.

Your mom has cellulitis. She had an abscess drained surgically and will need to be on antibiotics for a week or longer. Her doctor says she could complete the rest of her treatment at home if she’s more comfortable, but she wants that recovery to be paired with home health care services. What can these services offer that helps your mom heal?

Pain Management

Cellulitis can be incredibly painful. The area is inflamed and swollen. Your mom may be tempted to keep taking pain medications, but you don’t want her overdosing. She can have a nurse help with pain management while her wound heals.

Wound Care

Proper wound care is essential when it comes to healing a cellulitis infection. Your mom’s doctor will tell her how often her wound needs to be cleaned. It’s often twice a day. She shouldn’t use products like hydrogen peroxide.

If she cannot care for the wound properly, a home health care nurse can. Her wound will be cleaned, checked for signs of improvement, and covered with a new bandage. If it’s getting worse, the nurse will inform the doctor to establish a new treatment plan.

IV Antibiotics

Some studies find that patients who go home for intravenous home infusion therapies avoid having to go back to the hospital. You can’t set up IV lines, but a skilled nurse can. Your dad can have skilled nursing services to help administer IV antibiotics.

Usually, the IV antibiotics are administered for a day or two, and then she’ll switch to oral medications. For those days, ensure home health care nurses are scheduled to administer the IV medications.

Talk to your mom’s medical team and ask about home health care. If your mom hates staying in a hospital, ask if it’s possible to arrange home health care services so she can go home and rest.

Once you know that it’s okay, call an agency. Schedule the services she needs to help her body heal from the infection.

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