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Senior Care in Rochester

It’s been said before: The best medicine is laughter. Nothing beats a good laugh with a group of your favorite people. There are several benefits to laughing with others, such as making you feel better, brightening your day, and contributing to some of your most memorable moments. But did you know that there are many scientifically validated advantages of laughing?

Laughter Is Senior Care

If you feel like your senior is alone too often or not social enough, making it hard to laugh and smile each day, it’s time to find a solution. Senior care providers can be there for your elderly loved one when you can’t and take them places that may provide some happiness. Senior care is an excellent tool for seniors who wish to live alone and age in place but also gives them some joy to look forward to. Here are a few reasons why laughing and happiness are essential for a senior’s health.

Understanding How Laughter Impacts the Body

Laughter can alter our physiology, as shown by several studies. Realizing that laughing is a physical act, this fact makes sense. In particular, during a gut-busting laugh, we utilize muscles all over our face and body when we laugh. As our heart rate and blood pressure rise, so does our breathing rate. Our body reacts the same way when working out, so you may recognize some physical occurrences. As one Vanderbilt University study showed, between 10 and 15 minutes of laughing may burn up to 50 calories.

Laughter Can Help Your Stress Responses

Your stress reaction is activated and then deactivated by a raucous chuckle. Relaxation and a sense of well-being are enhanced when your heart rate and blood pressure rise and swiftly fall. Stress-related physical symptoms such as clenching of the jaw or shoulders may be alleviated by laughter, which increases blood flow and relaxes muscles.

Laughter May Impact Your Immune Responses

Numerous studies have shown a correlation between stress-induced chemical changes and the body’s immunological response. While negative thoughts might harm your body’s ability to fight disease, good thoughts can generate stress-fighting molecules that keep you healthy. T-cells, specialized immune system cells, are one of the chemicals in this mixture. Make time for laughter the next time you’re feeling down, according to experts at the Mayo Clinic.

How to Help Your Senior Get More Laughter in Their Day

When seniors live independently, it can be hard for them to laugh at anything. However, either you or in-home care providers can take some steps. You can reflect on fond or funny memories together. These may get a laugh out of you and your elderly loved one. Another thing you can try is watching a funny movie together. This can be something new, or something they already know will make them laugh. The best thing about using funny movies as a way to laugh is it’s something they can do with or without you. Above all else, make the time to connect with your loved one. If your son did something funny, share it with them! This is a time to find out what they think is funny and laugh together.

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