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Home Health Care in Granite Falls MN: Exercise

Home Health Care: Seniors need to be active most days of the week.

Doctors usually recommend that seniors who are able to exercise get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day for most days of the week. But convincing seniors to exercise can take more than just a doctor’s recommendation. Home Health Care can help you with this.

Some seniors need more encouragement or incentive to get active. The more fun the activity is the more likely your senior loved one is to do it. You can help make exercise more fun for a senior loved one by suggesting that they try one of these ways to make getting the activity they need also something they enjoy doing:

Join A Senior Fitness Group

Many local seniors groups have fitness groups for seniors at all levels of fitness that are designed to just get seniors moving. Often they have music or games that will get seniors out of their chairs and dancing and moving. Joining a senior fitness group gives seniors the chance to socialize with other seniors and get the physical activity they need to stay healthy.

Mall Walking

Another fun activity is mall walking. There are lots of groups of seniors who get together on a regular basis to walk the mall before shopping starts for the day. The mall is a great place to walk because walkers have a hard, flat, and level surface to walk on where they won’t have to worry about tree roots or cracked pavement tripping them. They also can walk in any weather because they are walking indoors. If your loved one has no one to mall walk with a personal care at home health care provider can go walk with your senior loved one and make sure they eat a healthy lunch afterward.

Join A Gym

Gym memberships to some gyms like the YMCA are not that expensive, even for a senior on a fixed income. There are lots of incentives and deals that seniors can qualify for to make a membership more effective. The cost of the membership is worth it because the gym facility has so many different options for seniors to become active. Seniors can use equipment like stationary bikes or treadmills. They can also swim and taking swimming classes. And they can lift weights and practice strength training.

Borrow A Dog

Almost all pet shelters and rescues are volunteer-based and one of the jobs that they need volunteers to do is play with and walk the dogs that are waiting for an adoptive home. Seniors can sign up to volunteer walking and playing with dogs to help them get socialized. Your senior parent will get all the benefits of having a dog without the responsibility and work of caring for a dog. A personal care at home provider could help take care of a dog if your senior loved one really wants a dog. But they can also have fun volunteering with animals that need it.

Volunteer At A Crisis Nursery

If your senior loved one misses when their own kids were young and loves to be around babies they can volunteer at a local crisis nursery. They can play with children, take them on walks, and keep them safe and entertained while their parents are either sick or taking care of someone that is sick.

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