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Home Care: Senior Routines

Home Care: You might have avoided setting strict routines for some really good reasons.

You maybe didn’t want to be too restrictive with your senior’s time or maybe it felt wrong telling her what she should be doing at any given time. But solid routines do a lot for your elderly family member and they also help you. Home care can also help you to put together a regular routine.

You Can Both Feel Less Stress

You might not realize it, but there’s a lot of stress involved in caregiving. Your senior experiences stress when she goes through changes and you experience stress in helping her to have the best quality of life possible. When you’ve both got a routine that you can rely on, that takes quite a few decisions off the table and it streamlines the entire day. That’s huge for both of you.

A Solid Routine Orients Your Senior in Her Day

It can be really hard for your elderly family member to anchor herself in her day and in her week. Time has a way of becoming more fluid, especially for people who are experiencing cognitive changes. When your elderly family member is used to having home care assistance on specific days, that’s something that helps her to remember what day it is or what time it is. That’s important.

Routines Reduce Uncertainty

So much of life is uncertain, and that’s doubly true if your elderly family member has dementia or other cognitive changes happening. When she’s got a solid routine that you, she, and other caregivers have established to support her needs, she doesn’t have to worry about what happens next. She knows that the routine is there for her.

Home Care: Your Senior Can Experience Better Flow Overall

One of the reasons that seniors can end up flip-flopping their circadian rhythm and experiencing other difficulties with daily life is that they’re not following a solid routine. With a set time for waking up, set meal times, and set times for going to bed, your elderly family member’s day flows so much better. She’s more likely to sleep better and to have better experiences all the way around.

If you’re having a hard time establishing a routine for your elderly family member, home care assistance might be able to help. They’ve got experience in working with seniors and family caregivers to find routines that work well for everyone involved. Finally landing on that daily and weekly routine that works best for your senior can be like magic for her.

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