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Home Health Care in Rochester MN: Senior Nutrition

Home Health Care: It’s National Family Meals Month!

Hunger and malnutrition are problems for seniors. Seniors are one of the populations who tend to struggle with malnutrition and getting regular meals. Home Health Care is a good option to help your senior with this. There are a lot of reasons why seniors don’t eat as much as they should like :

  • Lack of money
  • Lack of access to healthy foods
  • Loneliness and depression
  • Medications that take away the appetite
  • Inability to shop on their own
  • Problems figuring out money or feeling anxiety about trying to manage their money
  • Trouble cooking meals

Figuring out why your senior loved one isn’t eating enough is something that you can work on with an in-home care provider. Working with an in-home care provider who is with your senior parent every day or at least on a regular basis can help you find out what is keeping your loved one from eating the way they should. If it’s a lack of access to healthy food or problems shopping there are some easy fixes for that that will allow your senior loved one and you or an in-home care provider to cook delicious and healthy meals together like:

Food Kit Delivery

Food kits are a great option for seniors. You may need to help your senior loved one select the meals they want because it’s done on the Web or through an app. But each week your senior loved one will receive boxes full of all the ingredients they need to make the meals they have selected. Even the spices are included. Everything is already portioned out and all your senior loved one or you need to do is combine them to make a delicious healthy meal. And there are many options when it comes to these services so if your senior loved one is on a special diet or can’t eat certain foods they can choose meals without those ingredients.

Grocery Delivery

Grocery delivery is now available almost everywhere. For a small delivery fee or a monthly membership fee, your senior loved ones can have everything they need to be delivered right to them. They can choose the products they want from a website or an app and skip the store entirely. The bill is paid with a credit card so they don’t need to bother with checks or cash. And some grocery delivery services work with SNAP so if your loved one is on assistance they can use their benefits to shop for delivery.

Weekly Prepared Meal Delivery

Check with your local senior community groups or charities and you may find home cooks who create prepared meals and will deliver them to seniors. There is a set menu every week and the meals are delivered pre-portioned so seniors can freeze the portions they won’t eat right away. Usually, the meals are the type of classic fare seniors like such as meatloaf, pasta dishes, pork chops, and other standard family meals.

Home Health Care: Community Produce Boxes

There are also community produce boxes that are filled with locally grown fruits and vegetables. You can sign up your senior loved ones to have a box of fresh vegetables and fruits delivered to them so that they don’t need to go out and shop in order to enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables. Home Health Care providers are available to help your senior make the right nutritional choices.

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