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Home Health Care in Fairmont MN: Whole Grains

Home Health Care: Whole grains are a great source of the vitamins and minerals that seniors need and they’re delicious.

During September, which is National Whole Grains Month, you and your senior loved one should try some of the many varieties of whole grains that are often overlooked. A home health care provider can help with this. Most people focus on the whole grains they know like rice or popcorn and never even try whole grains like quinoa, millet, bulger, or buckwheat.

If you want to get into the spirit of National Whole Grains Month and give some new grains a try here are some ways to convince your senior loved one to try them too:

Make Some Buckwheat Pancakes

Weekend mornings are a great time for a pancake breakfast. But you can add some variety to your usual weekend breakfast lineup by making buckwheat pancakes instead of traditional pancakes. Whether you buy a buckwheat pancake mix or make your own mix from scratch you may find that your senior loved one and your family prefers the taste of this unique whole grain for their pancakes.

Try Slow Cooked Oats With Fruit

Oats and oatmeal are staple foods in a healthy diet and your senior loved one probably has had them often. But they may not have had the delicious experience of waking up to hot slow-cooked oats made in a crockpot and topped with fruit or homemade jam. Have your senior parent’s companion care at home provider set up a slow cooker with oats, milk, and some brown sugar before they leave for the night and let it cook low and slow all night. When your senior loved one wakes up or when the companion care at home provider arrives the next day there will be a delicious hearty hot breakfast waiting. Top it with fresh fruit or jam and it’s the perfect healthy and tasty way to start the day.

Add Quinoa To A Salad

Quinoa has a unique texture that can be a little odd the first time that you have it. If you think that your senior parent might not like the texture at first you can introduce them to this versatile whole grain by putting some in a salad. It will give the salad a nutty flavor and some great crunch that will enhance the other flavors in the salad. Quinoa cooks very much like rice but if you’re not sure how to cook it you can search for cooking tips online or ask your senior loved one’s home care provider if they know how to cook it.

Home Health Care: Try Some Delicious Whole Grain Breads

Who doesn’t love a delicious hot piece of bread with some creamy butter? Whole-grain breads made from millet, sorghum, corn, or other grains besides the traditional wheat are an easy way to introduce your senior loved one to new grains. Visit a bakery to pick some up or whip some up yourself if you like to bake and then share a loaf with your senior loved one to show them how delicious whole grains can be. Home health care providers can help ensure your senior get more whole grains in their diet.

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