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Home Care Services in Mankato MN: Zinc

Home Care Services: The older your parents get, the less they may eat.

This means that you have to worry about the nutrition they are getting along with all of the vitamins they might be missing. The best way to understand what your senior needs to be healthy is by taking them to the doctor for regular checkups. If you do not have time to help your seniors or take them to the doctors, that is where home care services come in really handy. They are the support system your senior needs to stay healthy.

Zinc is something that all seniors should be getting through foods and vitamins.

All seniors should focus on diet because it is important to not become deficient in vitamins and minerals. They may not be interested in this because it can be hard to swallow food, they may not taste the same as they used to, or they don’t feel like cooking. Home care providers help a senior stay on track, and this means a senior can have a healthier lifestyle.

One of the best ways to ensure a senior doesn’t become low in zinc is by eating zinc-rich foods. There are actually tons of foods with high amounts of zinc that can be made into tasty meals. Foods like red meat, legumes, seeds, nuts, and eggs. Zinc is incredibly beneficial for seniors because it helps boost their immune systems, helps their metabolism functions, and helps with their sense of taste and smell.

Symptoms of Low Zinc

The number one best way to tell if a senior is truly low in zinc is by going to the doctor and getting a blood test. These tests will show the doctor everything a senior is low in so that a senior can add in foods that help multiple deficiencies. Home care providers help seniors manage multiple areas of their lives like health. If you notice these symptoms in your parents or loved ones, it may be time for them to make a doctor’s appointment.

Loss of Appetite

Unfortunately, there are tons of other illnesses and diseases that could cause loss of appetite too. As a senior naturally ages they may limit the amount of eating they do. The lack of zinc may change a senior’s eating habits even more than normal and that can lead to unexpected weight loss.

Weakened Immune System

If a senior is getting sick a lot more than normal it can be a sign of a weaker immune system. This can be caused by not eating enough zinc or a deficiency. Zinc is one of the best ways to boost your immune system no matter what age you are.


Zinc is a funny mineral because if you take too little it can upset your stomach but also if you take too much it can cause the same stomach issues. It will be important for a senior to get regular checkups to check mineral levels. A home care services provider can help you with this.

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