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Caregiver in Blaine MN: Social Seniors

Caregiver: January is a time for a new start and new healthy habits.

It’s also International Qualify Of Life Awareness month. That makes January a great time for seniors to think about making friends. Loneliness is a real danger for seniors. Being socially isolated can increase a senior’s risk of developing dementia. It can also cause other serious health problems. Many seniors struggle to make friends because they can’t easily leave the house or because they don’t know where to meet new friends. Your senior loved one may need to put some effort into forging new friendships but the benefits of finding new friends are worth it. Having a caregiver help with this makes it so much easier for you. Some recommended ways for seniors to make new friends include:

Reach Out To Old Friends

Seniors may have a great source of new friends already in their address book, even if the addresses haven’t been updated in many years. Over time many people lose friendships just because they naturally fizzle out as people move and get busy with life. But it can’t hurt to reach out to some of those friends from the past and see if the friendship can be rekindled. If the addresses or phone numbers that your senior loved one has for old friends are no longer accurate you or a caregiver can try tracking down that person’s contact information online.

Join A Gym or Senior Center

Seniors can often make friends who share their interests by joining a gym or a senior center. Your senior loved one may be able to find a workout buddy and friend that will motivate them to keep exercising and stay active. Joining a senior center will give your senior loved one access to classes, exercise groups, book clubs, movie clubs, and other activities where they will be able to find new friends that share their interests.

Get Companion Care At Home

Companion care at home providers can provide friendship and connection for seniors while they help seniors stay safe at home. A caregiver can cook and share meals with your senior loved ones, watch movies with them, do puzzles and activities with them, and provide companionship on a regular basis.

Use Social Media

Social media isn’t always a great option but for seniors who live in rural areas or have trouble meeting people in person, it can provide some of the social connection and friendship that seniors need. On social media, seniors can find old friends and family members to chat with. They also can find groups dedicated to the hobbies they enjoy or to causes they care about. Many seniors find that social media can provide a valuable source of connection when it’s just not possible for them to make friends where they live either because of the weather, because of limited mobility, or because of other reasons. An elder care provider can help your senior loved one use social media safely and avoid being targeted by scammers.

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