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What is COPD?

Elderly Care in Mankato MN: What is COPD?

Elderly Care in Mankato MN: If your parent was once a smoker or lived with a smoker, a concern that you might have heard their doctor discuss is COPD. Understanding what this condition is and how it impacts their health can help you to recognize the risks that your parent might face, the signs that they might be struggling with this condition, and what you can do as their family caregiver to help them manage their condition if COPD becomes a part of their life during their later years.

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Does Your Elderly Loved One Have Anxiety?

Elderly Care in Mankato MN

Elderly Care in Mankato MN It’s normal to feel anxious sometimes, but those who actually suffer from an anxiety disorder may have trouble controlling that anxiety. They may also feel anxious about things that really aren’t important, or have difficulty in determining what they should worry about and what needs to be let go. Often,…

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