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Holidays increase the number of social activities for you and your parents. After a busy day, you need to wind down. One of the best ways to wind down together is by putting on a family-friendly movie. It’s the holidays, so pick a holiday movie that all ages will enjoy.


Elderly Care in Marshall MN: Senior Holiday Movies
Elderly Care in Marshall MN: Senior Holiday Movies


This year, choose a holiday movie that most people overlook. Here are some of the best movies that families often overlook.

Arthur Christmas (2011)

When it’s discovered that in the rush of delivering presents one was forgotten, Santa’s son Arthur sets off to fix his brother’s mistake and make sure the young girl gets her present on time. It’s an animated film with the voice talents of Jim Broadbent as Santa, James McAvoy as Arthur. Many other big names voice characters including Eva Longoria, Michael Palin, Laura Linney, and Joan Cusack.


Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas (1977)

This Jim Henson animated movie doesn’t get a lot of mention. It’s about an otter and his mom who live in poverty. They want to get each other a special gift this Christmas, but there’s no money. They have the chance to turn it all around thanks to a talent contest with a substantial cash prize. To win the money, they need to create a band that will stand out. The problem is they have no money to pay for the instruments they need to beat the band with brand new electric equipment.


Prancer (1989)

An alcoholic (Sam Elliott) is a single dad following his wife’s death. His depression and reliance on alcohol are weighing heavily on his young daughter (Rebecca Harrell Tickell). In her need to find something positive in her life, she decides a wounded reindeer she finds is really one of Santa’s and that it’s up to her to save the animal before Christmas arrives.


Remember the Night (1940)

This older movie stars Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck. Stanwyck is a shoplifter who’s told she’ll have to stay in a New York City jail over the holidays because the courts are closed. An attorney (MacMurray) agrees to pay her bail. When he learns she also hails from Indiana and can’t get home for Christmas, he agrees to bring her with him on a multi-state road trip that’s full of surprises.


Arrange to have home care services there to help your parents. When you cannot be around to help them, they shouldn’t have to struggle. With home care aides by their side, they’ll have companionship, help with daily tasks, and a level of comfort they need to age at home.


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