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Dance Classes are Great for Elderly Adults

Elderly Care in Marshall MN: Dance Classes for Seniors

Elderly Care in Marshall MN: When aging adults want to get some exercise and socialize as well, senior dance classes can satisfy both of those desires. Senior dance classes are specifically set up for elderly adults with a range of physical abilities, even for those in wheelchairs.

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Should You Get a GPS Device for a Parent with Dementia?

Elderly Care in Marshall MN: GPS for Seniors with Dementia

Elderly Care in Marshall MN: Dementia often causes changes in behavior. One change that can occur is wandering, which means the person may leave their home and become disoriented, or lost. When an older adult with dementia becomes lost, it is very distressing for their family members. Managing the behavior is difficult, and families may try a number of different strategies before finding something that works for their situation. One thing family caregivers may try is a GPS device made especially for dementia patients who wander.

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What Salt is Really Doing to Your Body


Elderly Care in Marshall MN: Salt is one of the most popular seasonings, but can also be one of the most harmful when used in large quantities. Eating too much salt has been linked to a number of health problems, including high blood pressure and an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, including strokes, heart failure, and heart attacks.

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Protecting the Elderly in the Heat of Summer

Elderly Care in Marshall MN

Elderly Care in Marshall MN Summer heat can be hard on just about everyone, but it’s often more of an issue for the elderly. They may not be able to regulate their temperature that well, and that can keep them from cooling down properly or from realizing how overheated they are actually getting. Heatstroke is…

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