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Senior Care in Granite Falls MN: Floral Design Day

Flowers bring brightness and joy into any room they are in. Why not take advantage of Floral Design Day on Feb 28 to get together with your parent and add some flowers into your life? Whether you’re living somewhere where the flowers are just beginning to bloom again (or never quit) or if you’re still buried under 2 feet of snow, you can find some flowers to remind you of warmer days coming.

Visit a Florist.

If floral shops are open in your community with safe visiting practices set up, you might want to stop by a floral shop to pick out a special bouquet for your parent’s home. If your parent is able to visit, she might really like going with you to pick out her favorites. Want to share the love with many? Choose a larger bouquet and break it into several smaller bouquets once you get home to share with neighbors, family, or even other caregivers like your parent’s elderly care provider. You can deliver them in non-contact ways by dropping them off at people’s homes, ringing the doorbell, and walking away. It’s like a much nicer version of Ding Dong Ditch.

Pick Up Artificial Flowers.

Create a floral design that will last for years with artificial flowers. Some artificial flowers are very realistic and beautiful. Your parent can visit a craft store’s online website and pick out what she wants. With most stores, she can order curb-side pickup or you might have her elderly care provider pick up the flowers for her. Vases can also be found at the craft store or go for a more budget-friendly choice and pick up some vases for your parent to use from a local dollar store or thrift shop.

Gather Up Wildflowers.

This one is dependent upon where you live, but if wildflowers are blooming, perhaps your elderly parent would like a nice walk in a meadow area to pick some of her favorite wildflowers to bring home and create a floral design. Your elderly care provider can bring her to a local park for some inspiration and perhaps gathering some local plants for a small bouquet. Just make sure you follow local rules and regulations regarding flower picking.

Bring Out The Paints.

If your parent likes to paint or color, use the day to find some photos of floral arrangements that your parent can use to create her own works of art with paints, color pencils or markers. You might even be able to find some adult coloring books that have intricate designs of flowers to color in with some bright colors.

Purchase Some Flower Art.

Your parent can support local artists by purchasing art that reflects beautiful floral designs to brighten her walls. Help her find online shops or even visit websites like Etsy to find floral creations to add to her home. She’ll not only find paintings but lots of home items, like pillows, blankets, rugs, and crafts. She might even find some cute shirts or dresses to wear that celebrate flowers.

Celebrating Floral Design Day will remind you both that spring is coming and soon our world will be filled with blooms everywhere! Until then, this is day one way to get a little bit of spring into the home.

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