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Home Care Services in Mankato MN

Want Less Stress?

Home Care Services in Mankato MN: Caregiver Less Stress

Home Care Services in Mankato MN: Very few people actively want more stress in their lives, but you might inadvertently be creating more stress than you need or want.

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How Technology Will Change Home Care Services in Mankato, MN

Home Care Services in Mankato, MN

The advances in technology has definitely had an effect on many areas of our lives and the medical field as well. Because of the technology now available, it has made home care services more convenient. Portable medical equipment, remote monitoring, digital X-rays, and smartphone apps have changed the way patients receive treatment. Back in the…

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Wound Care Excellence at Prairie River

Prairie River Home Care is a proven leader in home health wound care management. We take pride in caring for our wound care patients and in assuring our referral sources that we do everything possible to facilitate the healing process and increase independence for all patients referred to us. According to Medicare survey results, Prairie…

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Mankato Branch Office Does Their Part for Salvation Army

Several staff members at the Mankato branch of PRHC put their Christmas cheer and spirit into good use when they recently participated in the Salvation Army’s Red Kettle Christmas Campaign.  They rang bells and sang Christmas Carols while collecting donations for the local branch of the Salvation Army.  A good time was had by all…

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Prairie River Produces Several Company Videos

Prairie River recently completed several videos about the their services, the company and what they look for when hiring new employees. One of the videos (Our Services) can be viewed by CLICKING HERE or on the image to the left. The other two videos can be viewed by visiting our web site About Us Page…

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