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Keeping Your Pet Safe

Home Care in Mankato MN Anyone who owns a pet knows can imagine the stress and hurt you feel when your pet goes missing.  For elderly adults who live at home, having a pet can be wonderful for health and quality of life, but what happens when that beloved pet goes missing?  Of course, caregivers…

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Home Care and Observing National Day of Service and Remembrance


Home Care in Mankato MN Founded by David Paine during the winter of 2001, the National Day of Service and Remembrance was conceived after he felt the compelling urge to act. Families helping their aging loved ones with home care can research events, arrange for social activities, or attend gatherings in their loved one’s honor…

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Home Care in Mankato, MN – Strengthening the Sense of Balance

Home Care in Mankato, MN

Seniors who have a good sense of balance are much less likely to experience falling. This is really great news because the sense of balance can be strengthened with a few simple exercises done on a regular basis. Coupled with stretching and exercising to increase flexibility in the joints and strength in the leg muscles,…

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