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Home Care Services in Mankato MN: Senior Falls

Experiencing a fall, even a small one that doesn’t seem to have caused an injury, is something to take very seriously. The best thing to do is for your senior to visit her doctor as soon as possible, even if she thinks that might be a waste of time.

Knowledge Gives You Power

Your senior may well be perfectly fine. But until you have that confirmed, she doesn’t know for sure that she’s not dealing with something else. Having that confirmation allows her to take the next necessary step, whatever that might be. If nothing else is wrong, she may just need ice and rest to heal a nasty bump. But if something else is wrong, it’s better to know about it now so that she can do something about it.

Some Injuries Show Themselves Slowly

Not all injuries are immediately after a fall. Your elderly family member can easily pull a muscle or, in the case of brittle bones, break a bone without realizing it. Later, once she’s calmed down a good bit, she may realize that something else is going on, but she might not be able to handle it on her own. Going to the doctor right away ensures that you’re able to find out about injuries much more quickly, therefore getting her the help she needs much more quickly.

She May Have a New Health Issue that Contributed to the Fall

Very often your senior falls, not because she tripped, but because there is another contributing factor. That might be a new health issue that she wasn’t aware of just yet. Some of the health issues that can contribute to a fall can include blood sugar issues, blood pressure issues, infections, inner ear problems, and so much more. Even moderate dehydration can lead to a fall. It’s vital to understand your senior’s full health picture.

Any Number of Other Things Could Have Changed

So many other changes can create a situation that results in a fall for your senior. Narrowing down those changes can be a huge help in determining what happened. This is when it’s vital for you to know as much as you can about your senior’s daily life. As her caregiver, you’re going to be the main source of information for her doctor in determining what might be shifting for your senior.

Preventing another fall is a huge priority after your senior experiences even one minor fall. Her doctor can help you to determine the best ways to do that.

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