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Caregiver in Buffalo MN: Living Alone Risks

Your dad’s recently become a widower. You’re worried about him living alone, especially when you live in another state. What are the things you should be most concerned about? Will a caregiver stopping by be a good idea?

How Isolated Is He?

Where does your dad live? If he’s in a neighborhood, it’s likely that someone else notices his comings and goings. It might be the mail person or a neighbor. This is a better situation than if he lives in an older farmhouse on 50 acres and doesn’t have another neighbor for miles.

If he’s very isolated, he doesn’t have to move, but he will need someone to check in and make sure he’s doing okay. Companion care at home can help with this.

Does He Have Any Family or Friends Nearby?

You don’t live nearby, but how about cousins, siblings, or family friends? Is someone close by who can stop in and visit your dad each week or several times a week? Does he get regular visitors?

If not, is your dad active in his community? Does he attend church or participate frequently in events at a local senior center? Could those people make sure your dad is okay?

How Is His Health?

Does your dad have any chronic health conditions? Six out of ten older adults have at least one chronic condition. The most common health issues are arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease.

If he does have one or more health conditions, it’s important to decide if he needs help with medication reminders, appointment scheduling, and transportation to medical offices. He needs to put his health first. If he can’t drive, he’ll need someone available to make sure he gets to every check-up or scan.

Ask Him What He Wants

Ask your dad what his goals are. Does he want to live alone or would he prefer to downsize? If he’d like to move to a new community where he’s not isolated or alone, help him make that move. Get the house ready for a sale and make sure he researches and finds the best community for his needs, whether it’s near his current residence or closer to you.

Have You Thought About Companion Care Services for Your Dad?

It’s important to remember that he doesn’t have to be alone. Hire companion care at home services and someone will stop by as often as is requested. He has caregivers checking in, making sure he has groceries and household supplies and helping him with daily chores.

Your dad’s caregivers can drive him to his appointments, take him shopping, and help him with prescription refills. Companion care at home services can cover laundry, making beds, and meal preparation, too.

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