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Home Care in Rochester MN: Social Seniors

July 11th is Cheer Up the Lonely Day. Your dad lives alone, and he doesn’t have friends in the area anymore. He relies on you and your brother for socialization, but that’s not enough to prevent loneliness. Is home care services an option?

You know the importance of socializing and preventing loneliness. But, you’re not sure how to cheer your dad up. Here are some ways to get him to socialize with others, cheer him up, and set him on a path to being more social when you’re not around.

Compete at Trivia

Look for local breweries or restaurants that have weekly trivia competitions. While enjoying a meal, your dad can join you and others in friendly trivia competitions. If you can get multiple generations on the team, you’ll have many of the different eras covered, which can make for a winning team.

Join Others and Go for a Walk

Look for local walking clubs. If your dad is able to hike, you could join a hiking group together and go walk on a mountain trail. Otherwise, aim for a walking group that sticks to local parks and boardwalks that have level, paved or wooden paths to follow.

Sometimes, malls have hours for walking clubs to walk up and down the mall’s hallways before the stores officially open. This can be a great way to enjoy a brisk walk in a climate-controlled area.

Volunteer With Him

If your dad volunteers, he’ll meet others and have a sense of purpose. He can help at a local hospital, get outside and help out cleaning local parks, work in a community garden that provides food for local food shelves, or mentor a child.

There are lots of ways to volunteer. He could look for indoor volunteer opportunities at a local hospital helping people find their way to the right floor and wing. Or, join him outside at a new community park where you’re building a playground.

Sign Up for a Class Together

What are your dad’s favorite hobbies? If he loves to paint, sign up for a paint and sip where he’ll work on a painting, enjoy a beer or drink of some kind, and meet others who are interested in painting.

He needs to exercise, so sign up for a pool Zumba class and join him. The water offers buoyancy that prevents strain on his joints, and he gets the exercise he needs while also helping others. You could sign up for a Yoga class or dance class to help him meet people while getting exercise.

Hire Companion Care Services From a Home Care Agency

Talk to a home care agency about companion care. Each day, a few times a week, or once a week, your dad’s caregiver stops by to keep him company. That makes a big difference when it comes to cheering him up and preventing loneliness. Call a home care agency to get started.

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