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Companion Care at Home Hutchinson MN

Have you ever wondered what companion care at home has to offer? Take a closer look at the six reasons older adults benefit from this type of home care service. Here are five things your dad will gain when he has regular visits from caregivers.

He’s Not Alone All Week

With companion care at home aides stopping by, your dad is no longer alone all week. You have a busy life. You work 10-hour shifts, and you still have kids at home who rely on you to help with homework, transport them to after-school activities, and their friends’ homes.

Your dad’s caregiver can stop by and see how he is. If he needs to go shopping, his caregiver can take him. If he wants to go for a walk but hates walking alone, his caregiver will join him. He might want to have a caregiver available when he works in his garden or eats his meals. Companion care at home is ideal for these moments.

He Enjoys Home-Cooked Meals and Someone to Eat With

Your dad’s caregiver will talk to him about the things he’d like to eat. When it’s time for a meal, his caregiver will cook it. If he needs to shop for missing ingredients, he has a caregiver to join him on that shopping trip.

If he hates eating alone, which is common, his caregiver is there to join him for the meal too. When he’s done, his caregiver can wash the dishes and clean up the kitchen. If he has a dishwasher, his caregiver will run the appropriate cycle and put the clean and dry dishes away.

He Has Rides When He Needs Them

Your dad no longer drives, but his caregiver can take him where he needs to go. His caregiver can help your dad run errands, bring him to get his haircut, and drive him to the area senior center for social events.

His Home is Cleaned

With a caregiver stopping by, your dad has someone to clean the counters, vacuum carpets, and sweep the hardwood, tile, or vinyl floors. He’ll have a caregiver available to take out the trash and put the recyclables in the correct bin. On pick-up days, his caregiver can wheel the bins to the curb if needed.

He Always Has Clean Clothes, Sheets, and Towels

Caregivers can do the laundry each week. Your dad will have clean clothes and not end up re-wearing the same outfits week after week until your visit. His caregiver can change his sheets, wash the dirty ones, and make his bed with clean sheets.

Every few days, his caregiver can also replace his towel with a clean one. The dirty towels get washed, dried, and put away.

Companion care at home services go a long way in helping your dad feel supported and independent. Talk to a specialist in companion care at home about your dad’s living situation, health and mobility, and daily activities to learn more about the best services and prices for his needs.

If you or someone you know needs Companion Care at Home in Hutchinson, MN, contact Adara Home Health. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve. Call us at (888) 660-5772 for more information.