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Elderly Care Services: Senior Independence

Elderly Care Services: It’s not easy feeling that loss of independence you experience when you have to turn to other people for help, especially with the most simple — or seemingly simple — tasks of everyday life.

Maybe your elderly father has felt that way lately. That he has lost independence and autonomy.
That can happen when somebody relies on family or friends, but with elder care services, he could feel some level of independence returning to his life again. In other words, he could start feeling ‘normal’ to some degree again.

How do elderly care services help somebody return to a ‘normal’ life?

It might not be normal in every sense, but your father could certainly begin taking care of himself once more. A difficult thing for many people, including family caregivers, is the prospect of helping a parent or aging parent with some of the most intimate tasks of daily life.

We are talking about bathing and toileting. You might claim you have no issue helping your father get into and out of the shower, mostly because he can’t do it safely on his own or helping them go to the bathroom, but the dynamic of the relationship can be impacted by such a thing, especially in our culture.

An elder care provider who has experience can step in and provide this level of care, this buffer, without the potential uncomfortable situation arising between him and other people in the family.

Keep in mind, some seniors, as well as family, will state they are okay with the situation even when they are not. Mostly because they don’t think there is another alternative. There is. It is called elderly care services.

What else could Elderly Care Services do?

Many things. Most importantly, an elder care provider can help your father move through each day with confidence and safety. Instead of just trying to get out of bed on his own with arthritis or stiff joints, an elder care aide can help him by providing balance and reassurance.

That elder care provider may also be able to provide transportation to get to a store, to a doctor’s appointment, to visit with friends, and much more.
All of the things you and perhaps other people in the family have stepped in to provide could be done through elderly care services.

Just imagine how much more independent he would feel by not relying on you for these things. Instead, he could count on you for companionship, support, and encouragement. That can be a wonderful benefit.

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