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Elder Care in Hutchinson MN: Senior's Moods

Your elderly family member isn’t going to be in a fantastic mood every moment of every day, but if you’re worried that her moods are too low, too often, there might be more going on. Some of these suggestions can help you and your senior to get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Sometimes a Bad Mood Is Just a Bad Mood

The first thing to remember about anyone who is in a bad mood is that sometimes a bad mood is really just that. There are still a lot of factors that contribute to moods, though, so you don’t want to completely overlook anything. But if you’re not finding any answers that seem to fit, you may need to consider that her mood is just what it is.
The Medication She Takes Can Be Affecting Her Mood
Medication side effects can be a huge factor in a lot of issues, including your senior’s moods. She may be finding that her mood is affected after her medication is changed or after doses are adjusted. There may also be more subtle changes that are impacting how her body processes her medications. If you think that her medication could be causing an issue, talk to her doctor to get more information.

Her Health Could Be a Huge Factor

Lots of times people who aren’t feeling well or who are battling health issues don’t have a lot left over for managing their moods or keeping a happy face for other people. Pain in particular can be a huge hurdle when it comes to mood management. Your elderly family member may not want to talk about how she’s feeling, either, which can complicate things even more.

She Just Doesn’t Feel Comfortable

There’s a lot about aging that isn’t comfortable. Being uncomfortable or feeling upset often can be something that causes your elderly family member to feel as if she isn’t in control. That lack of control is a big problem for a lot of older adults. So much of life can end up out of your elderly family member’s control, and if you were in her shoes your mood might be affected, too.

Your senior’s moods aren’t something you have much influence over, but you can help her in other ways, like bringing in senior care providers to give her a hand. That, in turn, can help her to feel more positive overall and therefore boost her moods.

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