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What Older Adults Should Know About Cholesterol Testing

Elder Care in Hutchinson MN: Cholesterol Testing

Elder Care in Hutchinson MN: If your parent hasn’t had a cholesterol test recently, it’s a good idea to talk to their doctor about whether they are due for one. High cholesterol is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke. Since there are no symptoms, a person could have high cholesterol without knowing it unless they are tested. If your parent is nervous about having a cholesterol test, it may be helpful to sit down and talk to them about what a cholesterol test entails.

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Understanding the Risk of Hospital Delirium

Elder Care in Hutchinson MN Lindsey’s mother Nan was in relatively good health when she stumbled down the three steps into her laundry room and broke her hip. She had showed no signs of any cognitive limitations or decline and did not have dementia. She was still living largely independently with an elderly care provider…

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There’s Nothing Funny about Elder Care … Who Are You Kidding?

Elder Care in Hutchinson MN

Elder Care in Hutchinson MN One thing that many people wouldn’t ever consider about elder care is humor. Elder care is usually required for seniors who begin to have difficulty getting around on their own, remaining safe within the comfort of their home, has any number of health problems, is recovering from surgery, or needs…

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