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Home Health Care in Granite Falls MN: Chronic Health Conditions

Forty percent of U.S. adults have two or more chronic health conditions. How many does your dad have? Do you even know? You should ask him, as even if he doesn’t have two or more, it’s very likely that he has one. In fact, 60% of U.S. adults have one. How Can Home Health Care Help?

Four lifestyle choices increase the risk of having a chronic condition, and they include:

  • Excessive drinking
  • A poor diet
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Tobacco use

As many chronic conditions require frequent medical testing and monitoring, your dad needs support. Home health care provides care services for many of the prevalent chronic health conditions.


It’s hard to deny that a cancer diagnosis is going to fill your dad with anxiety. He’s going to start imagining all the trips he’ll have to take to the hospital for surgeries and treatments. He’s imagining how much his stay in the hospital is going to cost.

Arrange home health care services to help with wound care, IV management, and medication administration. He won’t have to spend as much time in the hospital when he has nurses taking care of him in his home.


Your dad has diabetes and needs to learn to take better care of himself. He’s learning how to check his blood sugar levels. He also has to change his dietary habits. Your dad may need to learn how to give himself insulin injections.

All of this is something he could get at home with home health care services. Have an expert come to his home to teach him about diabetes care. Your family can learn together what foods he should and shouldn’t have, how to shop for groceries that meet his dietary needs, and how to encourage him to be more active.

Heart Disease

Your dad’s been diagnosed with heart disease and needs to make several lifestyle changes. One of them will be his diet. He’ll work with a dietitian to learn more about portions, the foods he can and cannot eat, and how to prepare heart-healthy meals.

With home health care services, your dad can work with a specialist in heart-healthy diets in his kitchen. Sit in on the sessions to ensure you know what he should and shouldn’t be eating during meals and snacks.

High Blood Pressure

Your dad’s blood pressure is too high. He’s on medications, but he also needs to track his blood pressure each day. A home health care nurse can help him.

Kidney Disease

Are your dad’s kidneys failing? With home health care, you can ask about having skilled nurses available to help with home dialysis treatments. Your dad may need his blood drawn for tests. Instead of going to a medical clinic, he could have that done in his home.


Hire home health care workers to help with your dad’s post-stroke recovery. Instead of having to bring him to therapy sessions, he could have physical, occupational, and speech therapy in his home.

His nurses could help with wound care, if he needed surgery, and take his pulse, oxygen saturation levels, and blood pressure each day. Call a home health care agency to learn more.

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