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Home Care in Buffalo MN: Welsh Rarebit

Why do people pay tribute to Welsh Rarebit each September? It’s not quite certain why September 3rd was chosen. What is known is that this century-old British food doesn’t have any rabbit as people often think. It comes from the Welsh term for rabbit, but it is just thick slices of bread with a cheese sauce on top.

A Historical Look at Welsh Rarebit

One of the first appearances of Welsh Rarebit is in the 1700s. It appears in The Art of Cookery. In this cookbook, the author gave versions for several British countries.

The recipes were similar except that English Rarebit’s bread was toasted, basted in wine, and cheese was placed on top for it to be broiled. Scottish Rarebit started with buttered, toasted bread. Slices of cheese were placed on top to be broiled. Welsh Rarebit was similar to the Scottish version only the bread had both butter and mustard.

There have been several versions added over the years. Adding tomatoes turns it into a Blushing Bunny. An egg on top makes it a Golden Buck. Some people add caramelized onions, others add pickled beet juice for color and sweetness.

No matter the origins or version offered, Welsh Rarebit is a hearty meal that’s made into a complete meal if served with a bowl of soup or tossed salad. Making it is easy.

How is Welsh Rarebit Made?

Making it isn’t that hard. Start with four thick slices of bread. A multigrain peasant bread is a good choice. A thick slice of rye or pumpernickel could also be used. Aim for something with whole grains for the fiber. Toast them.

In a small pan, melt two tablespoons of butter and stir in two tablespoons of flour to make a roux. Add a splash of Worcestershire sauce, ¼ cup of a rye or wheat ale, and ¾ cup of heavy cream. Whisk that until thick and smooth. Stir in a cup of shredded cheddar cheese and pour onto the bread.

Once the cheese sauce is evenly distributed on four pieces of bread. Place under the broiler until the sauce is browning and bubbly.

Serve it with soup or salad, depending on your parents’ preferences. It becomes a nutritionally balanced meal this way. If the fat content is a concern, you can reduce fat by choosing a low-fat cheese and switching to an almond milk half and half substitute.

How do you make sure your parents are getting a balanced diet each week? If they don’t cook or have a hard time with meal preparation, are you rushing over after work to make sure they eat? Do they rely on takeout and frozen dinners?

There’s a better option. Caregivers can come over each day or a few times a week. At your parents, caregivers can cook meals, sit with them while they eat, and wash dishes after. Call a home care agency to learn how to schedule caregivers for meals.

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